Mediation assists leaders in transforming their corporate culture and facilitating strategic implementation.

For any organization, change involves its identity, its complexity and its direction. As a result, one major pre-condition for success in such change is the “organization’s” capacity and willingness first to adhere to and then put into practice that strategy.

Founded in 1996, Mediation brings its experience and expertise to bear in achieving three objectives: enlightencooperate and consolidate.


  • Getting one’s breath back
  • Taking on oxygen
  • Understanding
  • Giving meaning to action


  • Facilitating movement and agility
  • Conducting risk-laden projects
  • Instilling confidence on the ground


  • Reinforcing membership
  • Capitalizing on relationships
  • Imagining key symbolic events


       Nicolas Rousseaux, Founding President of Mediation
       Nicolas Rousseaux, 
       Founding President of Mediation


«  We provide tailor-made advice, that is agile, balanced, creative, listening, discerning, committed, and permanently in touch with what’s going on on the ground. We have a single objective: to bring together all an organization’s dimensions:

  • people and numbers,
  • operational and functional, past and future,
  • local and global, internal and external. »


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