Mediation has conducted and/or assisted with:

  • More than twenty change projects in sectors as diverse as telecoms, banking, heavy industry, the media, insurance, mass communications, IT, automotive, civil engineering, electricity
  • Some fifteen merger/acquisition projects in France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Spain, Austria, the United States
  • In companies spanning a range of sizes, from 50 to more than 200,000 employees
  • Over a wide variety of periods: from one day (startup workshop, lecture, seminar facilitation, …) to several months (corporate revitalization projects, setting up change management projects, merger, …) by way of a few weeks (reorganization, social barometer, management succession, customer survey…)
  • For top management, working directly with operational and functional management (HR directors, communications directors, industrial directors, IT directors,…) and liaising with shareholder representatives


Mediation Trait Références

History of Mediation: key stages
1996 Launch of Mediation
1997 Introduction of the "deep-core cultural sampling" tool for use in company mergers
1998 Launch of the "intercultural management" practice
2000 Development of a new "knowledge management" practice
2000 First tests of new audit techniques applied to private equity projects: "Cultural Due Diligence"
2001 Research into "SME growth stages"  »
2002 Study of problems and solutions involved in "integrating new generations into the business"
2003 Launch of the Observatory of corporate change: "Corporate Mutations"
2008 Creation of the concept “Strategic encounters” and deployment of over-terrain encounters over one year
2010 Devising activating events for professional relational networks, along the lines of “Speed dating”
2011 Launch of the “Learning expeditions” concept


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