What are our principles of action?

Adequacy of recommendations, flexibility of process, globality of approach

  1. An integrated vision, taking into account business logic and people management
    • Integrating business issues with human issues
    • Taking account of the constraints and people’s ability to pursue proposed actions
    • Multi-disciplinary handling of problems faced (“hard + soft” approach)
    • Bringing together apparently contradictory elements in a company (finance/HR, IT/organization, short term/long term, HQ/divisions, ...)
  1. Continuous goal setting a long-term perspective
    • Putting back into order, structuring, identifying priorities
    • Managing urgency and responsiveness
    • Constantly listening to the organization, translating alert signals, studying perceptions, testing hypotheses for action or proposed decisions

What we believe
Mediation Trait Convictions

  1. Recontextualization
  • Organizations no longer live in a closed environment, surrounded by impenetrable walls. Now porous, and prone to external pressures, they are directly affected by social upheavals.
  • An absolute urgency: Reconfigure an organization’s context! Get moving, come out of its cocoon, meet the world, take on oxygen, look for proactive action, reach the prototype stage more quickly, develop systematic anticipation, invent radar systems for tracking trends...
  1. Fully using a company’s individuals and other resources
  • Devising solutions internally, by putting the workforce under positive pressure and getting them to take responsibility (no ready-made solutions or miracle recipes)
  1. Putting actions more rapidly into effect by actively understanding problems
  • Directly linking analysis to action (“quick wins”, instant decisions...)
  • Comparing a company’s real image with its idealized image, observing performance “gaps”
  1. End-to-end control of the firm’s involvement
  • A modular and relevant approach. “Partnership points” at every key stage of Mediation’s involvement scope out the project’s progression.
Mediation The Great Map of Change
  • Intergeneration volcano: «...V, W, X, Y, Z, ...»
  • Great desert of resistance: «  It was better before »
  • Seminars lake: « Team building, serious game, workshops... »
  • Grand leadership canyon: « Commitment, vision, risk-taking, boldness »
  • Team spirit cliff: « 20 who follow, 20 who pretend to, 60 who are undecided... »
  • Quick-win geysers: « See it to believe: manage by proof »
  • Ego towers: « But what’s in all this for me? »
  • Confidence pastures: « Governance, neutrality, exemplarity, independence »
  • Great strategic delta: « Agility, collaboration, plannin »
  • Trade winds of meaning: « Promise of a future, going beyond onesel »
  • Port consistency: « From discussion to action, from action to discussion »
  • Market lighthouse: « Don’t just put the customer at the heart of the organization, put the organization at the heart of the customer »
  • Sea of consistency: « Create, make to last, transfer... real victories »

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