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Cultural diagnostics

Mediation, décrytper
  • Pulse-taking, soundings, “cultural core-taking”: analytical tools across the workforce and top managemen
  • Semiological analyses on the basis of documents by and about the organization (speeches, plans, internal and external communication channels, press reviews, historical documents...)
  • Tools for analyzing shared perceptions in specific cases of alliances, mergers, acquisitions, strategic brainstorming
  • Studies of the psycho-social risks (mapping and rapid pinpointing of short- and long-term risks)
  • Specific disgnostics among stakeholders (shareholders, customers, unions, media, suppliers, subcontractors, distributors...)



On the Roman forum, Vespasian and Titus’s arch stands proud. Under one of the 
bas-reliefs describing the procession of animals being led to sacrifice, there is this inscription in Latin. A dead, classical, ancient, official, or surviving language?


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