Magic moments

Twenty exceptional moments that took us beyond the confines of time


India, Varanasi: the Ganges, the ghats at sunset

Burma, the 13,000 Pagan pagodas

Turkey, Istanbul: on Eminonu Meydani square

France, Burgundy: Cloister of Fontenay Abbey

Egypt, Cheops: the pyramid

Egypt, Cairo: archeological museum, Tutankhamun


Japan, Tokyo: the annual sumotori championships

Italy, Venice: the Fenice Theater, the annual New Year concert

Russia, Moscow: Lenin’s Mausoleum in the soviet era


France, Château de Montaigne: the library towe

India, Amritsar: the Sikh Golden Temple

Cambodge, Angkor Vat


Mexico, Teotihuacan: the Temple of the Sun


Italy, Rome: a ray of sunshine pierces the Pantheon

Nepal, Kathmandu: the cloud lifts, Everest appears

Japan, Tokyo: a production at the Kabuki-za

Germany, Berlin: Potsdam Square, 11 November 1989

Colombey les deux églises

France, Colombey les deux Églises: sitting-room at La Boisserie

France, Aveyron: Conques Abbey


China, Xi’an: Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Army


Italy, Monterchi: the Madonna del Parto, by Piero della Francesca

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